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Hicari back in April – then a five-piece – released their single Stellar, about exploring the subject of body image and the pressures of conforming to modern-day societies perfect image; also about fighting back against bullies.

Now the Liverpool-based three-piece have released the followup single, ‘You Lost Me‘, a song about the positive of moving on from the past; the trio take inspiration from their own experiences as a five-piece band, having lost a member – according to Shayaan – for “various reasons,” however, the band are “still as ambitious as before, if not more.”

“Its a story about us finding our way as individuals and pushing through the hard times we have faced in the past.”

Speaking on the importance of the single, Hicari‘s co-lead vocalist and keyboardist Ryan noted how the single “is a key and pivotal song for HICARI right now,” as the band make the transition into creating new music and working on their new sound, “moving away from our past songs and taking a slightly different direction.”

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