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Wanderer (Adam) is a pop artist out of Arizona and today he has released is new single ‘So Far Away‘, a big atmospheric pop anthem that focuses on the story of feeling like you’re drifting apart from the one you love.

Wanderer goes into detail about the single as “a song about a feeling of distance between two people.”

“It’s about the uncertainty and loneliness that can come when two people begin to drift apart, after being together. I think we all have experienced this to some degree.”

Going into detail about the creative process of ‘So Far Away‘, Wanderer noted how it initially started “as a demo I made in my home studio.” Which included a lot of “synth chords”, which “started the track,” Wanderer then took it to his friend “Matt Keller (Lydia, The Maine, Katastro) who helped produce the final version” with him.

“I’ve had “So Far Away” in my pocket for a while, and have debuted it live a couple of times. Once everything with the recording and release was sorted, I wanted to put it out soon!”

Wanderer‘s So Far Away is an incredible track that offers a lot of intertwined layers of electronic vibes through the use of digital production, synths, keys, big drops and Wanderer’s own intense vocal range to create a thoroughly enjoyable track that has a strong message.

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