Tuvaband (singer/songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser and British musician Simon Would) is a Norwegian pop duo and today they have released the latest taste of their forthcoming debut ‘Mess‘ EP with ‘Trees‘, a song that is all about exploring the “environmental ruin at the hands of man”.

Going in-depth about the single, Tuvaband explain how Trees is also about the fact that we might also share the same faith if we keep on tearing down rainforests.

The production aspect of the song was achieved by recording in two separate apartments across the Norwegian capital of Oslo, and captures the same stripped-back sound. Blending a solid mix of lo-fi production, an array of vocal melodies from Tuva and a bit of digital production, the Norwegian duo have done an amazing job with Trees.

Tuvaband‘s Mess EP is due out for release 1 November via Vrilliance Records and Caroline Australia.

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