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Saint Clair (French-speaking North Londoner, Emma Topolski) is a pop/R&B/Soul singer/songwriter out of London and today she has released the first taste of her ‘D2’ EP, due out for release late November.

Having already given fans a taste of her music with her EP, ‘D1’, back in March, Clair showcased an intense song with an ode to love, melodies and other foray of emotions.

Today, the London-based artist has returned with ‘Amnesiac, which is essentially a single all about finding away to escape everyday life through sleep.

In Saint Clair’s own words, “‘Amnesiac’ is about desperately anticipating sleep in order to escape reality and live in your dreams instead; being transported to a place where everything is untouched and reimagined. And Rahm captured this world perfectly through his dreamy production.”

Saint Clair’s ‘D2’ is due out for release late November through her [Saint Clair] own label Dearly Beloved.

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