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Reside are one of the newest bands to come out of Melbourne and recently the four-piece released the newest taste of what’s to come off their debut EP – due out 27 October – with ‘Home’.

Speaking on the creation of ‘Home‘, Reside‘s vocalist and lead guitarist Liam noted how the initially “started from an idea” while working on another song.

“I wanted this song to be one that wasn’t as dark as the rest of the EP. One thing I really love about this song is the back and fourth between Sale [Bassists] and I.”

Going into detail about the creative process behind their new single ‘Home‘, Sal added how Home had become somewhat “an open letter to the band,” as Home is essentially the EP’s “core,” with the added notion of “leaving the old and welcoming the new.”

Reside‘s Closing Doors EP is an EP with multiple layers that focuses on some dark themes and while also incorporating light-hearted themes mixed with sum of the best fast paced, pop/punk vibes as well, all within the six-track EP; with songs yet to be released, fans will just have to wait as songs slowly roll out.

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