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Maggie McClure is a pop artist out of Norman, Oklahoma and today she has released another taste of what’s to come off her forthcoming ‘Color it Up‘ EP – due out Friday, 13 October – with the new single ‘You For Me‘.

You For Me – as Maggie explains, is a song about “about finding that special someone or something you’ve been searching for all along,” going into detail about why it was her latest single, Maggie additionally notes the single as being “special” and “a good representation of the entire EP.”

“This song was written in LA by myself, Shane Henry and Jeff Silbar. We approached this song differently than many others we’ve written together by not overthinking it. The light and fun elements of this song make it very unique.”

Having already given fans a taste of her music with the release of Be Right Here With You back in February, the Oklahoma native showcased a thoroughly enjoyable pop atmosphere that isn’t relied too much on synths, loud pop bangs and large vocals.

We asked Maggie what is one song she wish she wrote of someone else’s, here answer was Alicia Keys. “I LOVE Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and cover it sometimes. What a great song! When I play it I always wish I had written it.”

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