Gotta and Alexandra Miller collaborate on a re-imagining of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone’

Gotta continues to put his extraordinary producing expertise to good use, recently it was on his own single, Maybellene that gave Gotta the opportunity to shine as an electronic/pop producer.

Since then, Gotta has gone to make quite a lot of other tunes, from ‘Into Our Love’, ‘You Can’t Hide (from Yourself)’, ‘Dance (I’m Gonna Put My Shoes On)’ and numerous other great tracks – available on Gotta’s Soundcloud.

Today the French producer has teamed up with fellow French artist Alexandra Miller to release a new single, which serves as a re-imaging of Childish Gabino’s ‘Redbone’.

Expanding on the choice of song, Gotta noted how he heard this “genius song” on loop on his “Ipod for months, and every time I was listening to it, I was thinking about Alexandra should sing it.”

“As producer I tried to catch those both influences, mix them to musically express what she is really.”

For comparisons sake, you can have a listen to the original version here.

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