The Sound of Ghosts are an alternative folk band out of Los Angeles, California and they recently released their new single ‘Train To Nowhere’, which is essentially – according to the band – a song that is “built around the ideology of escapism and the importance of adventure.”

With the essence of the single also being about “the journey of self discovery and introspection,” the Los Angeles five-piece (James, Anna, Ernesto, Phoebe and Joe) have put together a solid offering that showcases and explores more than your typical orchestrated folk song, blending together mixes of country and folk vibes with the added bonus of a sick Double Bass – which bands need more of – and ukulele,and a fiddle, with the band expand on these traits;

“This song is a perfect mix of what we do best.”

The Sound of Ghosts’ ‘Train To Nowhere’ is a taste of the band’s forthcoming record ‘Delivery and Departure’, due out for release fall 2017.


Saturday, October 14th at Cosmic American Music Fest West
Saturday, October 21st at The Libbey Bowl

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