Lazertits and Swim Team have joined forces to release a split 7inch – listen to Lazertits’ portion ‘Lil’ Sister’ now

Melbourne five-piece Lazertits (Amy, Vicko, Emi, Rose and Lexi) and Melbourne garage-rock four-piece Swim Team (Sammy, Krystal, Esther and TJ) have come together to release a brand new split 7″ record for Hysterical Records.

To celebrate the joining of forces, Hysterical Records has released the first taste of the 7inch with Lazertits’ side of the record, which contains the song ‘Lil’ Sister’.

Speaking on ‘Lil Sister’, it was only right that Swim Team’s guitarist Sammy commented on how much of “such a banger” Lil’ Sister truly is. Going into more detail:

“When I listen to it in my headphones as I’m walking down the street, it gives me that empowered feeling like I wanna stick the middle finger up to anyone who gets in my way!”

You’re probably thinking, “what is Swim Team’s portion of the 7inch like?” Well, the single is titled “Positively Hopeless” and it is due out next week.

However, until then, have a listen to Lazertits’ ‘Lil’ Sister’ below:

See Lazertits and Swim Team live:

October 6 – The Old Bar

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