Swoon (Alice Guala, Ferg Griffin, Chris Lelliott and Adam Macaulay) is a four-piece out of Brighton, United Kingdom and over the weekend they released their debut single ‘Teeth’. ‘Teeth’ is a song about exploring career driven soulless people that do anything they can do get ahead, not just at work but in life as a whole, “even if it means sacrificing others along the way.”

Not much is known about the band, however, they have been togther for the last couple of months working hard on music and ‘Teeth’ is what Swoon had come up with, mixing a solid blend of industrial sounding electronic pop and digital percussion in the way of keys, drum beats and synths, with the added bonus of Alice’s strong vocals illustrating the song’s message; makes for a great first single.

Get to know more about Swoon over at their Facebook.

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