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Tove Styrke has returned with a new pop-filled anthem about exploring being perfect in life and the flaws that come with it.

Working in collaboration with fellow Swedish producer Elof Loelv (previously working with heavyweights Rihanna, Zara Larsson and Icona Pop), Tove and Elof have put together a solid pop offering that showcases a lot of atmosphere that gives Tove Styrke so much time to shine and let her vocals take control.

Speaking on what the single signified, Tove Styrke noted how “sometimes you need chaos to feel in control. I mean, if I can shake myself around a bit that proves to me that I’m not powerless in my life. Even when it feels that way. Mistakes can be about a person or yourself or just life in general.”

“But I guess the point is that you don’t need to be perfect and that there’s something valuable in letting go of the person that you think you are or should be. Maybe all mistakes aren’t mistakes.”

Tove Styrke has been a standout in 2017 with the previous release of ‘Say My Name‘ back in April.

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