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Marged is a welsh electronic pop artist and she recently released her second single ‘3 Times’, which is essentially a single about exploring the “sexual expectations that women face,” while also focusing on “the patriarchal vision of women, whilst at the same time raising female confidence and self belief.”

Working in collaboration with AOBeats & Jailo, Marged has put together a solid follow-up that showcases a great mix of her feminist inspired lyrics infused with dark electronic pop that works well to showcase a diverse sounding atmosphere to coincide with this story driven piece from Marged.

“Our bodies are so often seen as objects filled with stamina with no off button. My interest in the representation of women in porn really made me begin to question how we as females are perceived through the male gaze.”

Marged previously released her debut single ‘Call From U‘ two months ago, which has set the standard for this wave of feminist inspired music yet to come.


30th September @ Sebright Arms, London

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