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London-based pop duo Cherryade have returned with ‘Blah Blah’, which is essentially a single that takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the everyday obsession with material things.

Speaking on the single, Ella and Alex noted how they initially wrote the single ” about people getting distracted with material things and focusing on style over substance.”

“We love pop music but so many artists we love don’t really say anything, so it’s partially addressing that as well, but at the same time it’s also really tongue-in-cheek and fun.”

Having previously released their just as fun and energetic previous single ‘Get By’ back in May and ‘Theresa May (Bullshit)’ in June, respectively, Cherryade showcases more of that pop-centric high energy nuance that has made them one of the most enjoyable acts currently.

‘Blah Blah’ is a good additional to an already strong stable of singles, Ella’s vocals reign supreme over this three minute 33 second that makes fun of you for having fancy jewellery and cars.

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