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Sampson is a pop artist from out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and today she has released her debut single ‘Shake The Fire’, which is essentially an ode to her grandfather.

Speaking on the single in-depth about her grandfather, Sampson noted how he “was a huge supportive force in my music.”

“I remember as a kid showing him my very first song and driving to music lessons listening to Edith Piaf; he was my best friend.”

Sampson also explained how “his passing was really hard” for her family and how “he was so invested” in her family. Sampson adds: “Feeling grief was definitely a time when I came to understand mortality as more than just a word people use.”

“I wrote ‘Shake The Fire’ while realising that we never really have full control of anything, especially not time.”

Mixing a powerful blend of dark pop and soothing synth keys, drums and Sampson’s own vocals, the Canadian artist has managed to put together a solid first offering with so much more room to grow and showcase her interesting sound and story driven melodies.

Shake The Fire is the first taste of Sampson’s debut album.

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