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Scalphunter is a four-piece punk rock band out of Perth and today they have released a taste of their forthcoming debut album with the single ‘A Lie They Call The Truth’.

A Lie They Call The Truth isn’t just an ordinary punk rock song, it is a fast, intense thrill-ride of of journey and exploration as to what the band is actually about with hints at their adrenalin fuelled album.

With nine other songs yet to be release off the album, Scalphunter have left fans wanting more, which they can expect soon. Until then, have a taste of the new single below.

Upcoming live dates:

Thursday 7 September (10.30-11pm) – The New Globe Theatre, Brisbane – BIGSOUND

Friday 8 September – Crowbar, Brisbane – Unofficial BIGSOUND Album Preview Party

Friday 6 October – Prince of Wales, Bunbury, WA

Saturday 7 October – Babushka, Perth – Punktoberfest w/ Nerdlinger (NSW), The Lizards (SA), The Beggars’ Way (VIC)

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