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Ben Phipps (Benjamin Nichol Phipps) is an electronic pop producer from Gothenburg, Sweden – currently living in New York – and today he has dropped a collaboration with Los Angeles native (via Portland, Oregon) Lizzy Land on the new single ‘Mrs Mr’.

Speaking on how the partnership started between Lizzy and Ben, Ben noted how he “was listening to music on Spotify [Spotify’s Discover Weekly] and one of Lizzy’s songs was on my Discover Weekly.”

“I really liked what I heard, so I reached out to see if she wanted to work on something with me. She came back with an idea that I loved, we spent a day in the studio together and boom, we had a song.”

Having previously released ‘Don’t Wake Me Up‘ remixes and ‘Sleep Alone‘, Ben and Lizzy have put together a solid effort that showcases a good mixture of pop-based elements, landscapes and a platform with minimal synth and loud noises as it focuses more on the recurring drumbeat and Lizzy’s great vocals.

With the overarching story of “playful story of passionate love and romance,” this is an enjoyable track. Have a taste below.

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