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Vivienne Chi is an independent pop artist from London and she recently released her second single ‘Junk’.

Junk is essentially a song about exploring “the balance between madness & freedom.” Speaking on the single, Vivienne additionally noted about how the song is also about how a person’s mind can take control of the body.

“Who’s really living? A person free of their mind or is a person trapped inside it? There is a homeless lady in Camden who inspired me to write this song, she is well known in the area. She dresses fabulously in what little she has and is always smiling.”

While not as heavy as her first single ‘Vivienne‘, ‘Junk’ is a good second single that has quite a lot going on in it, featuring Vivienne’s own big vocals, synths, drum beats, backing sounds and so many other atmospheric layers, all jam-packed within this four minute and 10 second offering.

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