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Seavera is an electronic pop duo out of Melbourne and today they have released a new taste of their forthcoming EP, with ‘City’.

City is essentially a deep and powerful electronic-pop offering that showcases the “the study of a physical relationship she had hoped would evolve.”

According to Seavera’s front-woman Tori, the single also touches on the feeling of being “just an object committed to a function versus an equal human being worthy of connection.”

“It’s an incredibly debilitating thing to feel objectified during sex. The sad reality is that when it happened, I began to realise that the event was just one fragment in a string of experiences I’d had just like this.”

Starting off slow with Tori’s lyrics and building up to a dark, electro-pop atmosphere that guides you through the rest of the song, City is a great example of storytelling and another great track to entice listeners of what’s to come next.

‘City’ is the third single off Seavera’s debut EP – to be released later this year.

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