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‘Dare You To Love Me’ is the debut single from Australia’s newest subversive DIY electronic artist LALKA and today she has given the world a taste of what she has to offer.

Offering a mix of dark, glitch pop and synth drum beats with Lalk’s haunting vocals throughout the entirety of this two minute and 42 second single, Lalka offers a different take on a genre that is already over crowded.

Speaking on the single, Lalka noted how the single is about the “observations from an outsider; an emotional response to the political and social climate we find ourselves in.”

As far as debut singles go, this is an interesting change of pace form the typical electronic track that features loud and over-hanging synth vibes to extend the song’s length. Lalka has managed to use those sweet synth drops to add a lot of atmosphere to an already enjoyable track.

Lalka’s debut single ‘Dare You To Love Me’ will be officially released across all streaming platforms from tomorrow, Friday 18 August.

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