Six On The Fix is an indie duo fronted by Mia Alexander and Mike Luss and they recently release two brand new singles ‘Fall in Love’ and ‘Days Nights’.

The duo first become friends while in their first year of University and it was there when Mia and Mike first started working together as a duo and formed Six On The Fix, with the name also being formed during their first band practise.

“We take a keen interest in music from childhood for life. Music is our meaning of life in the finest sense of the word.”

Exploring a mix of pop rock, indie-pop and alternative, the duo have gained inspiration from the likes of The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand, OneRebublic, Kasabian and Donna Summer to create this sleek indie vibe that showcases a vibrant range of emotion and mix of physical and digital production.

The first of their two singles is ‘Fall in Love’, which is essentially a “simple and energetic song” that – according to the duo and as you would expect from the title – is a song “about how to lose yourself in love.”

Mia and Mike also have a second single ‘Days Nights’, which is heavy on the synths, pop vibes and recurring lyrics from Mia’s interesting vocal range about days and nights and from what is gatherable from the lyrics, it is about crazy days and nights.

Six On The Fix is an interest duo that are throwing themselves into an already over crowded genre of music. However, Mia and Mike have managed to stand out with these two releases so far and with a genre worth exploring with so many possibilities, the duo have more yet to come.

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