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Third Floor is the moniker of Sydney-based Electronic artist Aaron Bannie and today he has released hos new single ‘Oceans’. Oceans is essentially a single about the male perspective of a troubled relationships.

Having had a look at the female perspective in his previous single ‘Can’t Do This Alone‘, the new single picks up “after the break-up and is taken from personal experiences (and potentially the voice of everyone’s experiences of broken love); the remnants of a broken relationship and the agonising conundrum of all the things left unsaid.”

On the initial creation of the song, Third Floor wrote it while he was dealing with his own health issues, as he was dealing with Autoimmune Disorder, which he had to have an operation for, with more to come soon.

“I wrote this track during a time of emotional turmoil and hospitalisation, and is a reflection of my headspace at the time.”

Third Floor has added more of that sleek electronic and pop vibes that fans have come to like about the artist, while also exploring an everyday, deep story about love, affection and how we deal with it.

‘Oceans’ is due out for release on Spotify & iTunes on 3 August. Have a listen below.

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