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Having released ‘Garden‘ back in June, Gundelach has been working hard on his EP – however, today, the Norwegian pop artist has taken the time to release another taste with ‘Holy Water’.

In this new offering, Gundelach (Kai Gundelach) goes back to his dark, pop electronic roots, showcasing a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and his strong vocal range – which is explored heavily during that bass drop throughout. It adds a lot to the atmosphere; making it bigger and more heavier than it seems at first.

Not to confuse the listener on what the actual lyrics are about, Gundelach noted how the lyrics of “‘Holy Water’ don’t really make sense as a narrative.”

“It’s more of a feeling, something abstract. I get the same feeling every time I listen to it though. The same feeling I got when I listened to ‘Boris’ back in 2012.”

To celebrate the release of the new single, Gundelach is heading on the road from Tuesday August 5 to Friday September 22 in Norway, Denmark and Sweden at Vangen Festival, Stella Polaris Festival, Wonderfestiwall, Parkeatret and HokiMoki in their respective cities.

Tue, Aug 5 // Haugesund, Norway @ Vangen Festival
Wed, Aug 6 // Copenhagen, Denmark @ Stella Polaris Festival
Fri, Aug 18 // Bornholm, Denmark @ Wonderfestiwall
Wed, Sept 20 // Oslo, Norway @ Parkteatret
Fri, Sept 22 // Gothenburg, Sweden @ HokiMoki

With the song’s inception dating back to early 2013 when the song was simply known as “Boris,” Gundelach went through a creative change, adding and tweaking things a long the way; Gundelach felt it was time to release “Boris” to the world.

Have a listen below.

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