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Slotface (Haley, Tor-Arne, Lasse Lokøy and Halvard) are an alternative pop-punk band from out of Norway and today they have released a fresh new taste of what’s to come off their debut album ‘Try Not to Freak Out’, which is due out for release 15 September.

According to the band – ‘Pitted’ is essentially a song about getting out of the house – even though you would rather stay in.

“No, not every night out is killer, but sometimes those nights make the best stories nd that song is full of good stories from bad nights out. Pitted is also the first song we’ve ever done with horns, so we’re SUPER STOKED to release it. The trumpet is played by Norwegian jazz musician Simen Kiil Halvorsen.”

Having already given fans a taste of the album with the previous releases of ‘Magazine‘ and ‘Nancy Drew‘ over the last two months, the Norwegian four-piece have shown why they are one of the best acts out there right now.

This new single offers more of that fast paced pop-punk goodness they have trademarked all for themselves, offering more Haley vocals and shared percussion with the other three members. Have a listen below.

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