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Midnight Divide is a four-piece rock band from Los Angeles, California, and they recently released ‘Animal Eyes’, a song that is essentially about – according to their vocalist and guitarist Austen – “getting even, in simplest terms. Or at the very least, fantasizing about it.” Additionally speaking on the song as “an interesting song.” It offers a more “heavier” than what the four-piece have produced with their previous single ‘Talking‘ and EP two years ago.

Speaking on the creation of the EP and single, Austen noted how Animal Eyes takes the band in a new direction with the song, as it took over three years to work on – taking it from a heavy electronic sounding single to a more rugged heavier rock single, noting how they “released Animal Eyes off the EP because it felt like a strong push in a new direction sonically, and we love playing it live.”

“The process was a long one. It started out as a demo probably 3 years ago and we tried to take it from heavy electronic to mostly organic instruments. It just never hit the way we wanted so I ended up reverting and blending both elements on it. Lyrically, I always thought this song had some piss and vinegar to it so I wanted to capture that. “

2017 looks to be a big year for the Los Angeles natives, as Austen has said he has “about 50+ demos and ideas” that they are exited to work on. ‘Animal Eyes’ is a great addition to an already strong stable of tracks. Have a listen below.

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