Mecha Mecha are a three-piece from Brisbane and today they have released the second taste of their forthcoming EP, ‘Blink & You’ll Miss It’ with ‘Your Choice’. Your Choice comes from distinctive influences of Rage Against The Machine and Jeff Buckley, while mixing their own blend of alternative rock vibes with heavier blues throughout the entirety of this three minute and 20 second follow-up to Dealbreaker.

Speaking on the meaning of the song, Mecha Mecha’s drummer Angelo noted how ‘Your Choice’ is essentially about “the process of learning to let go of people who you don’t need in your life, and delegating peoples roles in your life differently.”

With the notion of “significant change, and letting go of the right people can be the catalyst for that.”

“”It’s basically a heavier, blues groove stacked with all of the grit we could muster.”

To celebrate the release of their debut EP, Mecha Mecha are putting on an EP Launch on 27 July at the Black Bear Lodge in Fortitude Valley with Trains, Salty MC anad Hooch. Tickers are now available via Oztix.

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