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Aeora is an electronic pop artist from Melbourne and a couple of days ago she released ‘Fenceline’, which is essentially a song about a past relationship and how she felt weak within it. Speaking on the single, Aeora additionally noted how she she “felt weak like I had lost myself.”

“When it ended, I found myself trying to regain strength and fight for my identity. At times I felt like I couldn’t quite get there and rested somewhere in the middle. The story concludes, where I look at where I am now and how I’ve grown, kind of like saying “look at me now””

Having previously release ‘Boss-y‘ four months ago, Aeora has continued that trademark of dark-pop electronic music that also serves as am efficient platform for Aeora to showcase her strong vocal range throughout the course of this four minute and 43 second offering.

To celebrate the release of Aeora’s music, Aeora will be holding a mini-residency at The Gasometer Updates with BATTS and Eillish Gilligan on 19 July and 26 July, respectively.

July 19 – The Gasometer Upstairs w/ BATTS
July 26 – The Gasometer Upstairs w/ Eillish Gilligan

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