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Warbly Jets (Samuel Shea, Julien O’neill, Dan Gerbang and Justin Goings) are a Los Angeles-based band I discovered recently when they released a remix of their own single ‘Alive’ back in the early part of June. Since then, the four-piece rockers have been getting themselves ready for a big 22 date tour.

Today, though, the Warbly Jets have released their second single, ‘The Lowdown’, which – according to the band – is essentially about “the empty promises of stardom and money.”

“”The Lowdown” is Warbly Jets’ way of asserting that they got where they are on their own, and they’re not going to wait for anyone to give them the green light.”

As far as the actual song goes, though, it is is great. It adds more of their trademark rock-ness they had in their previous single, Alive, while adding more breakdown and heavier vocals from all involved.

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