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Sparrows is a pop artist from Sydney and she recently released a third single titled ‘Take My Heart Out’. Having previously released ‘Get To Know You‘ and ‘On Your Own‘ over the last year, Sparrows has returned with a third single, which deals with the notion of losing your own identity to a relationship.

Speaking on the single, Sparrows also noted how the origins of the idea came after “seeing so many people getting lost in their devices lately,” and how it got her “thinking about a time when I lost my identity to a relationship.”

“I could see myself doing ridiculous and embarrassingly obsessive things but couldn’t stop it, kind of like when you can’t stop your thumb from scrolling, hoping you’re going to land on a pot of gold. As humans, we all have a propensity to get caught up in addictive behaviour – often in an attempt to tame our mindless chatter or fill a void with stuff. Take My Heart Out is about crossing that fine line into addiction.”

While this is definitively a pop song, it also has essences of electronic, folk, acoustics and piano percussion throughout. Combining all of these elements together to make an overly enjoyable three minute and 39 second anthem.

Have a listen to Sparrows’ new single below.

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