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Oh Boy is a New Zealand born, Australian raised Sydney-sider electronic pop artist and today he has released his second collaboration with Mallrat; after having released ‘Bunny Island‘ back in 2016, the duo have hooked up again to offer more of what was present in the first offering, a youthful, sounding exploration of pop centric melodies, atmospheric electronic landscapes and synth beats with the use of computer generated percussion to make these fun, bouncy and happy sounding pop sounds that sound like bubbles.

Speaking on the idea, Oh Boy noted how Mall and himself “were going back and forth with a few tracks and then I remembered a melody in the back of my mind that I had wanted to use for a while now and I realised it would actually be perfect for Grace.”

“So I started writing it and sent her the demo and she loved it and from there we started working super hard on it, Grace came and stayed at my place and we worked on it and even had some group recording sessions with our friends who did some back up features on the track so we named them the mice girls aka Mallrat & The Mice Girls”

While this single is essentially an Oh Boy track, the fact Mallrat gets a whole loot of time to shine as a singer is great, as she has a great voice and ads a lot to an already strong track – it wouldn’t be the same without Mallrat’s vocals throughout this three minute and 32 second track. Mallrat and Oh Boy make a great time, maybe at this point the two of them should just release a whole EP together.

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