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Sydney indie electronic duo Boo Seeka (Boo & Sammy Seeka) have been spending the last six months spreading their great music to fans in the United States (including an appearance at SXSW) and around Australia, while also working hard on their debut album, ‘Never Too Soon’, which has now been announced for release on 4 August.

Speaking on the process of the album’s creation and backstory, Sammy Seeka noted how the album is essentially about reflecting on their “recent life experiences, encapsulating all we’ve encountered over the past two and a half years.”

“Our recording process for the album followed no structure; we recorded vocals in carparks, tour buses and our studios in Sydney. One vocal loop was recorded into an iPhone on stage in a theatre in America.”

And how “ultimately every idea and piece of music we had come together in my bedroom studio, we then took it to our producer Ian Pritchett’s garage studio and that’s where the songs came to life.”

To celebrate the release of their debut album, Boo Seeka have released the first taste of the album with ‘Turn Up Your Light’, showcasing more of what fans have come to like about their sleek electronic and pop vibes, while also featuring enough time for Boo and Sammy to duet on vocals without talking over each other. With the previous releases of ‘Fool‘ and ‘Oh My‘, Turn Up Your Light is a great addition to an already strong stable of singles.

Boo Seeka’s debut album ‘Never Too Soon‘ is now available for pre-order.

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