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Billie Eilish has been making quite a name for herself since the first release of her first single of 2017, ‘Bellyache‘. Since the release of Bellyache, Billie has gone on to release ‘Bored’, which was an song made exclusively for Netflix’s hit series 13 Reasons Why and also sell out her first show in London; while also dropping hints of a forthcoming debut EP – which is to be expected at this point.

Today though, Billie Eilish has released her brand new single ‘watch’, which is – according to Billie – essentially a song about “letting go of someone toxic and moving on.”

“Setting your ex’s car on fire is a pretty horrible thing to do… but I can think of worse things.”

Billie Eilish’s new single ‘watch’ is available now via Universal Music Australia. Have a listen below.

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