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We are just a little under two weeks away from the release of San Mei’s second EP, consisting of previous releases ‘Rewind‘, ‘Until You Feel Good‘ and today’s release ‘Necessary’, with a fourth release ‘He Doesn’t Know’ the only one left on the record.

Showcasing more of what fans have come to like about the Gold Coast artist with her great guitar work, vocal range and producing expertise, San Mei has managed to put together another solid three minute and eight second offering that offers a whole lot of raw material; in the form of raw guitars, drums and vocals while also leaving enough time for a story to be told, which is essentially about being kind to others.

Speaking on the new single – which is kind of given away in the title – San Mei noted how the new single is essentially about “the need to treat those around you with kindness.”

“Everyone has stuff going on – happy, sad, trying. The song is about acknowledging that and just trying to be good to other people, because you don’t know always know where they’re at.”

San Mei’s ‘Necessary’ single is now out; San Mei’s ‘Necessary’ EP is scheduled for release 14 July.

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