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MSTR Rogers (Jarrad Rogers) is an Australian/British pop producer from Los Angeles, California – and he recently released a new collaboration with Aanya, called ‘Don’t You Think’.

Working in collaboration with Fran Hall on the single’s creation side, Jarrad noted how the single is essentially “about an all too familiar teenage emotion of finding out the person you like doesn’t have the same feelings for you,” additionally noting:

“You still know that you’ve got everything and more than what that person has and could have been way better together. It’s a song of empowerment. I had to dig pretty deep on the production of this record to capture that emotion. I love how it ended up having a fragility to it but also packs a punch at the right moment.”

Having previously released ‘Sooner or Later‘ with Inka Wood three months ago, Don’t You Think is another great addition to an interesting collective of songs so far.

MSTR Rogers’ ‘Don’t You Think’ featuring Aanysa is now out via Ultra Records. Have a listen below.

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