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Felicia V (real name Felicia Varnas) is a singer-songwriter from Rönninge, Sweden and she recently released ‘Can’t Do It’, which is – according to Felicia – essentially a song about listening too much to what everybody else thinks, what they think you should do, feel or think.

“I think many of us struggles with thoughts like, how to be good enough, to create a perfect career or just be a perfect friend or wife or something else for someone. And then we go like crazy about it in our minds.”

Working in collaboration with songwriting and producing partner Ditte Lindbom, Felicia additionally noted that the song is also abut “feeling lucky insid yourself, in your mind and in your heart, and surround yourself with people that wants to support you.”

Having previously released ‘Fighters‘ in 2015 and ‘Boomerang‘ earlier in 2017, Can’t Do It is a great addition to an already strong stable of tracks from this young artist with a bright future head.

Have a listen to Felicia V’s new single below.

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