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Ethan Breakaway is a singer-songwriter from London and he recently released a new single called ‘Better’. The single essentially serves as a connotation of letting your partner know that no one does things better than they do – which can evidently turn into jealous if taken the wrong way.

Speaking on the new single, Ethan noted how the idea for Better came after the idea for the main lyric of “No one does it better than you” came out of his head, which Ethan describes as his frustration with simplicity.

“From where Jay played that riff on a very earlier stage of the production I knew where we should take it. The song represents the simply emotional state of knowing whatever shit happens, your partner should always know that no one does it better than them.”

This two minute and 38 second debut single from the London-based artist takes a fresh and innovative look at a relationship; showcasing a mix of pop elements used in various other songs in its genre; the use of bright and upbeat synths, R&B, pop vibes, drum beats, and Ethan’s own vocals throughout the entirety of this offering make for an enjoyable experience that should please any fan of pop – and electronic – music.

Find Ethan Breakaway online:
Facebook – EthanBreakaway
Twitter – ethanbreakaway
Instagram – ethan.breakaway

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