Tokimonsta is the alter-ego of Los Angeles-based producer Jennifer Lee and to kick off Tokimonsta’s 2017, she recently released ‘Don’t Call Me’, featuring the vocals of Yuna. Tokimonsta’s brand new single ‘Don’t Call Me’ is essentially the first taste of what’s to come off Tokimonsta’s forthcoming third record, ‘Lune Rouge’, which is scheduled to be released on 1 September via Tokimonsta’s own label ‘Young Art Records’.

Don’t Call Me is an incredible electronic offering that showcases more of what Tokimonsta has produced over the last couple of years, using impeccable synths, drum overlays, percussion and the overall atmospheric sounds of her music production and including the use of her collaborator’s vocal track. These traits – and more – continue throughout Tokimonsta’s previous releases: ‘Put It Down‘, ‘Realla‘ and ‘Go With It‘, featuring additional work from the likes of MNDR, Anderson .Paak and KRANE.

Having previously released ‘Desiderium‘ in 2014 and ‘Fovere‘ in 2016, Lune Rouge will serve as Tokimonsta’s third full album. Speaking on the title of Lune Rouge, Tokimonsta noted how she chose the title, “which translates to ‘red moon’,” because Tokimonsta believes “people perceive it to hold ominous weight,” and Tokimonsta’s new record is essentially about change.

“However, a red moon is rare and pretty awesome event from a scientific perspective and, to me, means significant change.”

Tokimonsta’s ‘Don’t Call Me (feat. Yuna)’ is now out via Young Arts Records. Have a listen below.

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