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2016 was a big year for Melbourne-based electronic artist Lewis Cancut as he released his Indoor Rainforest EP – and subsequent remixes – to acclaim from the Australian music industry that saw him get quite a lot of exposure through various platforms like radio and music websites alike.

Now that 2017 is in its sixth month, Lewis Cancut has released his first offering of 2017, which is essentially about the embodiment of who Lewis Cancut is as an artist as he continues to make songs with the essence of songs full of otherworldly, dystopian atmospheres.

Speaking on Plastic Games, Lewis noted how he wants is music to be perceived as “hollow,” and how he “hopes people hear it as something completely hollow, like an empty suit of crustaceous and metallic armour, which anyone can wear.”

Lewis Cancut’s Plastic Games is now out via all major streaming and digital services via NLV Records. Have a listen below.

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