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Keelan Mak is an electronic music producer and today he has released his third single – previously released ‘Control‘ and ‘Anymore‘ – and according to Keelan, it is essentially about “multiple things, drawing from different experiences and scenarios throughout life; falling in and out of other people’s worlds and making mistakes.”

“While this song draws on specific experiences in Mak’s life, he explains “it will always be relevant, because I’m always fucking up.”

offering a mix of brooding dark electronic vibes, mixed with pop vocals and an industrial sounding atmosphere, Keelan has managed to infuse a solid blend of trademarks he has included throughout his two previous releases that comes off as an impeccable use of production techniques that form an overall enjoyable track throughout the entirety of this four minute and four second offering.

Keelan Mak’s new single ‘SKB’ is due out for worldwide release from Friday 7 July 2017. Have a listen below.

Find Keelan Mak online:
Facebook – keelanmak
Instagram – keelan_mak
Spotify – Keelan Mak

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