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Three Laws (Louise Gold and Adam Relf) are a duo out of London, England and today they have released a new single ‘Siren Song’, which originally started out from inspirations of happy memories, ending up being a song about tragedy.

Mixing a blend of dark-pop, Louise’s brooding vocals and their solid percussion work throughout the entirety of this three minute and 42 second track, Three Laws continue to show a lot of range from their other tracks, with the use of of their overall presentation of using their music to show strong story driven elements to their music with heartfelt vocals and electronic atmospheres.

The song also features and emphasis on Greek mythology, as Three Laws noted, “in the song there is a suggestion to pull of this turbulent, powerful kind of love.”

“Though seductive, leads to pain or even death. Louise wrote the lyric as a metaphor, representing something greater than the two people in the story.”

To celebrate the release of the single (and forthcoming record), Three Laws are heading out on the road on 18 August in London to play a gig at St. Pancras Old Church.

Find Three Laws Online:
Facebook – threelawsmusic
Twitter – three_laws
Instagram – threelawsmusic

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