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Brisbane-based progressive metal band As Paradise Falls have announced the details (album art, track listing, and release date) of their forthcoming release of their new album ‘Digital Ritual’, which is due out for release July 21.

As Paradise Falls’ ‘Digital Ritual’ will be released on July 21, 2017 through Eclipse Records and working in collaboration with Shane Edwards (Northlane, Trophy Eyes, Hellions) at Karma Sound Studios, the band put together an album that will feature 11-tracks – including their previous release ‘StarBlind‘ – that showcases more of what fans have come to like about the band after all these years, with the use of their impeccable skills as a metal band that focuses more on story driven concepts than your typical loud, fast metal tracks.

Speaking on the process of the album as “emotional”, As Paradise Falls’ guitarist Danny Kenneally put it, the band we’re also “stoked bout finally sharing it with the world.”

“We’re very thankful that Shane produced our album. He knows exactly how to push us to our limits as musicians, getting the best out of us. He has the unique ability to place an idea of ours in his hands, and from there it just flourishes into something brilliant.”


1. Digital Ritual
2. Balance
3. StarBlind
4. The Ultimate Consumer
5. Automated Sacrifice
6. Glory To The Server
7. Reborn
8. Dead Message
9. Hysteria
10. Pride and Disgrace
11. Captive To The Creation

As Paradise Falls’ forthcoming record ‘Digital Ritual’ is now available for pre-order via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

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