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holywater and Cruel Youth – the alter-egos of real life husband and wife duo photographer/fashion curator turned DJ Teddy Sinclair and artist/producer Willy Moon – have today released a new collaboration on a new single called ‘Hush’.

According to holywater, Hush is essentially about that “one love that seems to haunt you,” especially involving the person you are still adamant on.

“That person you still look for in everyone no matter how much time has passed. It didn’t last, but they still secretly consume you because they gave you a kind of high that no one else ever has– one that you will forever be chasing.”

As for the song, it is a fun pop-electronic track that bounces around with great synths and percussion work with the added bonus of Teddy’s vocals overlayed throughout the entirety of the two minute and 42 second offering, whole also showcasing a whole lot of atmosphere with so much more to explore.

‘Hush’ is the first release from holywater and Cruel Youth the release of their album ‘+30mg‘, which was released back in September.

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