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Gordi (Sophie Payten) is an artist I first heard of back in October 2014 when I first heard her song ‘Nothing’s As It Seems’, since then, I can’t say I have been keeping up with exactly what she has been doing, until the recent release of ‘So We Are’ back in September 2016. However, since then, Gordi has been making quite a name for herself within the Australian and international music scene; making music, playing gigs, and more.

Today Gordi has officially announced the release of her debut album ‘Reservoir’, which is expected to be released August 25 via Liberation Music/Hey Alfalfa (Jagjaguwar outside Australia). To get you excited for the forthcoming release, Gordi has released a taste with the new single ‘Heaven I Know’. Heaven I Know essentially showcases more of what fans have come to like about the young Sydney-via-Canowindra musician, using the entirety of this five minute and 13 second symphonic offering to its full capacity with her strong vocal work and piano percussion playing throughout the entirety of the track.

Working in collaboration with Tim Anderson (previously working with Solange and Banks), Ali Chant (previously working with Perfume Genius and PJ Harvey) and Alex Somers (Sigur Ros), Gordi noted how “Writing music has always been and will remain” her “therapy, process and way of communicating,” to people.

“I don’t write songs by someone else’s prescription, I write to fill my own need. I get this tightness in my chest, and nothing will make it go away other than trying to write lyrics or sitting down at a piano and playing it, and it’s like a medicine. If I have a good session of that, then that tightness and that weight just totally lifts. It just centres me, and gets the things that are riddled through my mind out on paper. And then I can leave them there.”

To celebrate the release of the new single and Gordi’s forthcoming album, Gordi will be putting on two intimate shows in Sydney and Melbourne from Thursday July 6 to Friday July 7 at the Giant Dwarf Theatre and Thousand Pound Bend in their respective cities.

Resevoir tracklist:
1) Long Way
2) All The Light We Cannot See
3) On My Side
4) Bitter End
5) Heaven I Know
6) I’m Done (feat. S Carey)
7) Myriad
8) Aeon
9) Can We Work It Out
10) Better Than Then, Closer to Now
11) Something Like This

Pre-order available here

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