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Isadoré is the moniker of Melbourne-based pop-electronic, producer, singer-songwriter and artist Isabelle Reynaud and today she has released the first taste of her forthcoming debut EP – ‘Fight or Flight’ – which is due out for release August 4.

‘Lose Control’ is essentially a song about losing control and falling to the depths of whatever your issues are at the time – with the overlay of dark electronic, pop vibes and Isadoré’s brooding lyrics throughout the entirety of the three minute and five second offering too.

Speaking on the EP, Isadoré noted how the initial inspiration for the EP came from a moment of her life, where she had to “fight or flight.”

“Neither choice is right or wrong – that is important to understand. You just have to do what is best for you at that moment in your life and that will free you.”

You can have a taste of Isadoré’s debut four-track EP, Fight or Flight, below.

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