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Having previously released QUEEN, Keep On Movin’ and Into U, just to name a few, Hanne Leland is one of the fastest rising pop acts coming out of Norway and today she has released her new single, ‘You Don’t Own Me’.

The single focuses on the point of no one mentally owning you – that only you own yourself.

On the creation of the single, Hanne noted how she “wrote it about a specific time in my life where I was dealing some really difficult personal stuff,” including how the new single was a new “declaration” for herself; that no one owns her.

“Depression does not own me, and peoples words and opinions does not own me. I define myself. I think the song is relatable for anyone who is going through something painful, whether it’s depression, bullying, a break-up, or really anything.”

Working in collaboration with Steven Langs and songwriting production duo Red Triangle (previously working with The Vamps and Little Mix), the new single gives Hanne so much time to express her desired outcome of the single, using her impeccable range of vocal talent to showcase her meaning of the single and how much it means to her to get the message out.

“It’s both a vulnerable song, and a song with attitude. It’s about being utterly hurt, but still finding that inner strength to fight on.”

Hanne Leland’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is a taste of what’s to come off her forthcoming EP, due out for release in early fall 2017.

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