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Golden Vessel has made quite a name for himself since the release of 2016’s Before Sleep EP and his recent single ‘Tell The-Girl’, which has seen his music gain a lot of support form radio and music websites around the country.

This time around Golden Vessel is back with another mix of electronic music. However, this time it is infused with R&B, thanks to the added collaborative efforts of Elkkle and Mallrat.

Speaking on the creation of the song, Golden Vessel noted ow he worked with a pre-used “wonky synth recording” he had laying around his place and and how most if it was just out of key or weird, and how he thought their was little bits of gold in there that he wanted to use.

“I took that idea with me when I went to write with Elkkle at his parents property on Phillip Island for a couple of days. We quickly started writing the melody and lyrics together, and then started forming the track.”

Golden Vessel went on to say he had been working previously with Mallrat on her own records and he “felt her delivery would blend well with Elkkle’s.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Shoulder’s, Golden Vessel will be heading out on a three show tour throughout Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney from Thursday June 29 to Thursday July 26 at The Workers Club, The Foundry and Brighton Up Bar in their respective cities.

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