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It was only a couple of weeks ago I was writing about the release of the music video for Allie & Ivy’s – then recent single – ‘Best Friends’, the Sydney-based electro-pop artist has already moved on to the next project in her musical career that showcases more of what fans of her diverse music have come to like.

‘Money’ is Allie & Ivy’s new release and it is essentially a song that takes a satirical look at the “the consumeristic, money-centric society we live in right now” and how Allie & Ivy gets that point across in her own tongue-in-cheek way throughout the course of the two minute and 49 second release.

Allie goes into further reasoning about the song;

“…and the idea that we spend well beyond our means when it comes to material possessions. Greed is now normal and acceptable in our society.”

With the added notion of “attempt to ridicule the status quo.” Bringing together a mix of pop, pop-culture, electronic percussion, real life connotations and Allie & Ivy’s vocals, the track is fun, virtually bright, and makes for an enjoyable experience – which seems to be a recurring trait of Allie & Ivy’s tracks.

Having previously released ‘Best Friends‘, ‘Get Hi’ and ‘Cowboys and Indians‘ and many other tracks for you to enjoy throughout the last couple of years, ‘Money’ is a great addition to an already strong stable of tracks and Allie & Ivy’s first release of 2017 – with hopefully more to come.

For those that want to Sing-along to the lyrics, you can do so by heading over to Allie & Ivy’s YouTube page. Have a listen below.

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