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Latreenagers are a three-piece from Melbourne, consisting of Marc (playing mostly an inaudible fuzz and reverb saturated guitar with punchy sharp vocals), Vito (banging the drums like a confused troglodyte) and Emily (debuting her talents on bass like a natural), and today they have released their brand new single ‘Pyramid Scheme’, which is essentially a song that mixes 50s/60s, lowbrow-influenced rock’n’roll and reminds me of a horror pop Halloween type of song.

Having released ‘Serial Killer‘ just over a year ago, Latreenagers continue to use more of that styling mentioned above, which works really well and I personally believe would be much better appreciated live as you can dance and head bang to it with others around, thoroughly enjoying this two minute and 48 second offering.

To celebrate the occasion, a self-titled 7-inch is ready to go and filled with the sounds and vibes of Latreenagers. ‘Pyramid Scheme’ is the first taste from the EP to be released Friday June 23 at The Tote Upstairs with Gonzo, Thee Cha Cha Chas and Pleather Purrs.

Pre-orders are now available via Bandcamp. Have a listen to what Latreenagers have to offer below.

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