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Warsaw Radio – named after The Warsaw Radio Orchestra, a group of brave musicians who kept performing during the WW2 invasion – are a Brighton-five piece and they recently released a new single called ‘Still Have You To Hold’, which is essentially about a couple that have been together for fifty years and listen to nothing other than Radio One… all day, every day, coming to the point where the couple have heard everything before.

Going into detail about the track, the band additionally noted how the song as the couple not actually minding the repetitiveness of the songs as the couple enjoy them.

“The song was written about an old couple who’ve been together for over 50 years and whose radio is stuck on Radio One all the time. But they don’t mind as they’re heard it all before.”

As for the instrumental part of the track, it is great. Warsaw combined a mix of rock and folk, curating a world full of calm melodies, and strong vocals from its lead vocalists Brian and Nicola throughout the entirety of this four minute and twelve second offering.

To celebrate the release of the new song, Warsaw Radio are heading out on the road from June 22 to August 27 in London, Hove, Devon and Brighton at Sofar Sounds, The Brunswick, Beautiful Day Festival and Big Little Festival in their respective cities.

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Facebook – warsawradio
Twitter – warsawradio

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