Gundelach is a Norwegian pop/electronic/disco artist whom recently released a debut self-titled EP back in 2016, since then, the Gundelach has been working hard on his second EP, and today he released the first taste of that forthcoming EP with the disco offering ‘Garden’.

Not much is known about the song’s origins other than it offers more of what fans have come to like about Gundelach, with the use if his impeccable disco/pop work defined not just by its one genre, but by its multi-layered production work, featuring strong vocals from Gundelach himself throughout the entirety of this four minute and 12 second offering.

To celebrate the release of the new song. Gundelach will be heading out on the road from Friday June 9 to Saturday August 9 in Basel Switzerland, Oslo, Vinje and Haugesund at Imagine Festival, Piknik | Parken, Vinjerock and Vangen Festival in their respective cities.

Have a listen to more of what Gundelach has to offer below.

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