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Vanessa Elisha is an Australian electro-R&B/soul singer-songwriter and today she has dropped a new single, which Vanessa essentially explores being comfortable as an introverted loner in her new single ‘Dark & Lonely’.

Having previously worked with her Las Angeles-based producing partner, XXYYXX, for the second time, this new offering showcases more of what has made this team conjure impeccable music making techniques, by the use if synths, drums, keys, soul atmospheres and the contributing of Vanessa’s great repetitive voice throughout the entirety of this three minute and two second offering.

On the creation of the song, Vanessa noted how the initial meaning of the song is left up to interpretation by the listener, however, Vanessa did note, for her personally, “it’s about being comfortable as an introverted loner, and the judgement that comes from that.”

“It’s about changing moods, changing tides, pushing people away, bringing them back in, being happy in loneliness, being sad in loneliness – the ramblings of a girl trying to figure her shit out really.”

You can also have a listen to Vanessa’s first collaborating with XXYYXX here – it’s a cover of Drake’s ‘Good Ones Go’. It is also worth mentioning that Dark & Lonely and the aforementioned Drake cover aren’t the only tracks Vanessa has created, check out her Soundcloud for more.

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